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Don’t be “nearsighted” when it comes to Myopia Control

Myopia, which is the scientific term for nearsightedness, is becoming an ever increasing issue primarily affecting those in developed countries. In the United State the current prevalence of myopia is approximately 42% and is predicted to reach almost 70% by 2050, meaning that 2 out of every 3 kids will develop myopia and need glasses. However, what […]

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The Tale of the Twitchy Eyelid

One of the most common symptoms reported to the eye doctor is that dang pesky eyelid twitch.  Although it generally never causes pain or loss of vision, it can be a disruption to a person’s day and be downright aggravating.  The clinical term for the most common form of the twitching eyelid is eyelid myokymia.  Basically, it refers […]

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